What’s Cookin’,Good Lookin’?

Way back when,cooking dinner for twenty was sometimes a challenge, but mostly it was fun, experimenting with various tipes of cuisine, and calories be hanged. In fact, everything was disregarded – sugar, fats, portion size – none of us were pre anything, or maybe we were, but we were slaves to our taste buds and if it made our tongues happy, it worked for the rest of us.

Now, flash forward to the present, and we eat by prescription and proscription. Our doctors tell us what we can consume, depending on the state of our arteries and sundry organs. The proscription part tells us what we should or should not have, based on our place on the continuum of age and health.

No great hardship for we who are getting older disgracefully. Cooking has become a chore, involving the search for the right pot or pan and then, after using what ever we find, there’s the washing up bit , unless, like me, you use only disposable foil pans. Does kind of make omelets, scrambled and fried eggs a little more difficult. Kind of reminds me of my one exploit into canning fruit in a pressure cooker, which blew up and prompted the remark from several friends that Del Monte was still in business.

That’s how I feel about the local diner. They make better eggs and pancakes than I and we should all stick with our areas of expertise. To be honest, a part of my cooking skills was a little bit of showing off- I was the superwoman who could do everything and now I can’t. I can do lots, but I’m ready to be the princess I never learned to be in my youth. Some women just have an insticnt for being helpless and with some of us it has to be learned. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Woof ,woof, make room on the couch, and someone, peel me a grape!

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