Age appropriate? Says who?

In the beginning, when we first began to grow older disgracefully, we insisted that there were no rules, except for those rules that insisted that there be no rules. Therefore, heeding the ban on rules pertaining to growing older etc.. , we refuse to acknowledge that there is such a thing as age appropriateness, particularly since what is considered age appropriate, is generally established by those who have barely dipped their toes into the waters of aging and can only surmise what is appropriate to we grrouches.

My skin crawls, wrinkles and all, when someone younger than I proclaims that something I wear, or my hair style or even my makeup, is not age appropriate. The fashionistas make all sorts of dumb rules about length of skirt. Hell, if I have great legs, I’m going to display them until they refuse to support my body or propel it forward, and maybe even after that, if they’re truly sensational. Would you cover up a Van Gogh because it’s been hanging around too long?As long as there’s someone to look, they merit display.

As does my hair, despite the nonsensical edict that hair must be well above the shoulders, if it’s gray or framing wrinkles. Nonsense, if it’s still my crowning glory, than it can grow down to my butt, so long as I don’t risk tripping over it. If, on the other hand I want it short and spikey, that’s my choice and has nothing to do with age. I’m so sick of people setting guidelines for age. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the first beholder at the start of every day is me and my mirror.

You won’t get an argument from me that there are things to be covered up, regardless of age, but that’s the point. What offends the eye is inappropriate at any age. What I can’t accept is an edict across the board that seventy is the cutoff age for allowing style to dictate how you live. Forget those silly people who live by their silly rules and focus on the golden rule, you know, the one where you do unto others and they do unto – yada,yada, yada – you know how that goes.

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