Dream When You’re Feeling Blue (revisited)

Well your dreams belong to you, don’t they? You and someone else and not always by invitation. Sometimes by intrusion. Sometimes by inclusion. Sometimes you think you’re in a room full of strangers and then the person you’ve been waiting for comes in, and you’re suffused with joy. The room was empty and now it’s full. But wait, its’s full all right but there’s no joy. Where is the one we have been waiting for all our lives?

Please, let’s have no excuses. I don’t ever want to fight with you. I remember when you were just a baby and whatever you did was pure happiness. Well, most of the time, anyway. We who are growing older disgracefully, look back at our dreams and see only bliss. Do we dream selectively, seeing only that which we allow to remain, and sending everything else back to the recycling bin?

Wouldn’t it be nice to dream whenever you were in the mood, just by lying down and closing your eyes, and wouldn’t it be even nicer to stop your dreams when you so desired. For instance, by way of the alarm clock, or just by sheer will power, or by making the train or the bus the setting of your dreams, and then by reaching the stop where you get off?

See, since my dreams belong just to me there’s no “he said, she said”, just a return to never never land and the way that I wanted it to be. Or maybe it really was that way, and dreamland was just an affirmation.

Anyway, I have been having some seriously wacky dreams lately and I must assume that it’s all tied up with what has been going on in my life. The whole business of dreams and their meaning has always been sort of murky to me. However, I wish I could push the rewind button and go back to the time and or place of my dreams, where I think I could change my life, though I know it’s not possible.

I think I would say, “I love you, I love you, you’re perfect”, to everyone who crosses the threshold of my dreams. I know I can’t, so maybe I’ll just say more, “I love yous” or “you’re perfects”, to those who cross the threshold of my conscious. Maybe. Are you perfect? Maybe one of us is. Maybe none of us is. So dream.

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