Happy Holiday -All Right Already!

“Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.” ” Do you have any special plans?”  “Getting together with your family?” “Who’s making the dinner?” We meet one another and we assume that this widely celebrated holiday is truly a widely celebrated holiday. Like many holidays, family is the operant word and sometimes we forget that having a family is not always a given, and that at times, not having a family may be a blessing. I know, there are those who say – with a tone of disparagement- that you’ve never met my family, but because we’re growing older disgracefully, we have somehow learned to forgive  and accept.

One of the many myths about the first thanksgiving is that the hunters returned after  massacring Indians and celebrated their victory at a dinner of thanks. Of course the story has evolved, and whatever its origins, Thanksgiving has become a ritual involving too much food and too much stuffing and I don’t  mean only the turkey.

This is not a time for guilt over diets broken.  This is a time of plenty, too much plenty, if we can express ourselves in such an ungrammatical way. If, as many claim, food is love, then this is the time that we express our love in each course that comes to the table. In every luscious bite of corn bread and every piece of home baked pie.

Thanksgiving seemingly marks the start of the holiday season, the winter madness that begins with shopping until everyone on our voluminous lists has been gifted. Ah, but I have decided that this year is going to be different. Like so many seniors, to whom the phrase “cost of living” has become a political baseball, with the seniors striking out,  I have to consult an actuary to estimate how many more years I can afford to live, and what I need to cut back on if, heaven forbid, he gives me more years than I have budgeted for.

I have devised a tier system of gift-giving. The absolute musts, the maybes and the ones who find me as much of a chore as I find them. How can I tactfully inform my dear ones that I don’t need any more “things”. I haven’t figured out a system of taking things when I go, so would it be all right if I had a T shirt printed up with “cash is king” across the front. Too subtle?  We could do the back with “No amount too small”, as well.

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