Home is Where the Hearts are

Where is home, anyway? Where the heart is? No, I’d say where the soul is and since it’s impossible to say just what we mean by that, I’m going to take a leap and say that for me it’s the core, that little something inside that makes me the human being I hope I am, the one who feels the world’s pain as well as my own. Home.The place within which dwells our family.

But I have lost my way and I have no family. Impossible, you say. Everyone has some sort of family. Agreed, if you mean by that some strands of relationship, or kinship of some sort, but not if  you mean a connection – most often by blood but could be by adoption or annexation.

How did it happen? I don’t know. The circle grows bigger and the elastic begins to stretch and there is seemingly always room for more and more and more and then there is no more room. Why not? Because we have gone outside the circle and we can’t let strangers in. Am I a stranger? Who can answer? Ask a woman and she points to her womb. Ask a man and he points to that same womb. If I have born you, I will always love you. If not yes, you are a stranger. You have taken the fruit of my womb.

From where I stand, there are too many questions and too few answers. I used to be surrounded by love and I miss it. I’ve joined the ranks of those who  are growing older disgracefully and I have left the mainstream. Loneliness insulates my home. I bang on the walls and no one hears. But my  heart is here and so is my soul and I cry for the world beyond. Yes, I cry. I cry, silly me. Do you cry along with me?






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