Intellectual Interruptions

at oFriends and family members, who may not have seen one another for an extended period of time, get together for the Holidays and often make tactless comments about how you have changed. “My, what happened to that lovely brown hair? You’re almost all white, now.”  Hmm. What happened to that trim little waistline? You’re almost all stomach, now. But you don’t say it, because as part of growing older disgracefully, you have learned thther people have feelings, even old folks like us. However, there is one expression people use, which sets my partial on edge, and that is, having a senior moment.

Therefore, my Holiday gift to you, is an expression which one of my neighbors gave to me, and which she learned from someone, who was not a senior, but had a forgetful moment in the middle of a lecture. “Forgive me”, this person said apologetically, “But I’m having an intellectual interruption.”

What a wonderful way of conceding that you had a moment of forgetfulness, but it wasn’t due to your elderly synapses being frozen in time. Something was going on in your head, but it wasn’t necessarily because you’re old – it could be overload, stress,a temporary lack of focus. True, it seems to happen more often as we age, and I used to blame it on the lack of pigment in my graying hair, but no more senior moments for me. I’m having an intellectual interruption, and I hope that my intellectual interruption doesn’t interfere with my remembering what I want to call this moment. Anway, have a wonderful- have a wonderful – Oh well, just have a day filled with wonder.

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