Living Beyond Our Sell-By Date

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Living Beyond Our Sell By Date

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About the Book

Evelyn Marder Levin snagged a PhD in Health Care Administration, what seems decades ago, and at eighty-five, she has added another group of letters to her name: dinosaur.

She struggles with her computer, varied androids and a wireless world which makes her yearn for Jack Benny and Sunday nights, sitting in front of the radio – family style – with nary a cell phone in sight.

She lives with many other dinosaurs in a senior complex, her totally beloved aging, dog, Daisy, and Mr. Fish, a used-to-be little goldfish who grew to such enormous proportions that observers of his tiny tank, refer to Levin as a slum landlord.

But she wakes up every morning and…what else is there?

We’re living longer and retiring younger. Initially, an excess of time seems a blessing to people who have spent most of their lives never having enough time, and whose belief has been “someday when I have time.”

We have had it drilled into our heads that seniors should age gracefully. What exactly does that mean? Keeping quiet and accepting second rate status because we are getting older and therefore, less important in the scheme of things? No, no and no!

We have the maturity and wisdom to break the rules and we should. I’m not advocating that you all become lawbreakers. What I’m referring to are society’s often meaningless rules, predicated on some lines in our face and some gray in our hair.
Although many of us have raised families and devoted our lives to others, this should be our time, the time to think about ourselves without feelings of guilt.

We should let our hair grow down to our butts, if it pleases us, and slather on tons of eye makeup if it makes us happy, and wear shorts if we feel good about our legs – or not.
We should laugh and make these the best years of our lives. Think about it. That means “growing older disgracefully”. You can’t get a better mantra than that.

Living Beyond Our Sell By Date is the book of “someday” for those of us who have chosen to grow older disgracefully. Living beyond your sell by date has to be experienced. It cannot be imagined. In these pages, are words from someone who is living that time now. Words that will make you laugh, words that will jog your memory, words that will warm your spirit, and words that will show you that the way we age, can be shaped by the way we view life.

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