I  took time off from my blog to write a book, which is a good way to kill time when you’re 85. I tried a zumba class but all the 50 year olds had better bodies than mine, which is not too surprising given my 35year advantage. Well I thought it an advantage but they didn’t. Isn’t more better than less?

Anyway, when I was still alive, before I had been struck down by the great plague – no, dummy, not ebola – old age. Before my neck looked like the iron had run out of steam and when I slathered on tons of anti wrinkle cream because I had more disposable income. And I can’t remember how I spent it, but spend it I did because it sure ain’t here now that the wrinkles are. And yes, more is better than less-disposable income – not wrinkles.

So I wrote this book,”Living Beyond Your Sell By Date and growing older disgracefully” and Amazon published it and lots of older people like it as well as their kids. They say it makes them laugh but I’m not laughing even though I give then a significant discount if they order from my website,www.grrouch.com, which you already know if you’re reading my blog. I’m not laughing because there has been no great impact on my disposable income.  I’m still a victim of the plague, as will you be, but I won’t be around, only you can send something to the dead letter office and you won’t hear from me unless I can find some of those forever stamps.

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