My Beloved Daisy

For nearly 14 years my beloved Daisy and I were together. And now she is gone . No. I must amend that, her physical being is gone from my life, but she is so tangled up into my heart and my soul and every part of me that I see her everywhere and hear her tiny footsteps, and last night, a little snore as she lay in her familiar place on our bed.

I have known the pain of loss but this is a pain such as I have never felt before. How long before I will stop waiting for her to appear? Oh Daisy, my Daisy, my Daisy. You brought so much to my life and asked for so little in return. I had hoped we both would share the pain of growing old until we both ran out of time.

I am sad for you and for me, and for all the others who have never known the joy in their life from a creature who gives love for love, and from a seemingly boundless supply.

Were you happy? Was your short trip through this earth as good for you, as having you for this trip was for me? I worried that I might have to part from you, leaving you in the hands of another who might not realize what a treasure you were. I worried that the bond between us might make it difficult for you to bond to another were I to depart sooner than you. I never let myself think of how I would get along without you. Impossible! You were my life and now I have memories and visions and when I reach out, you slip away.

Daisy, forgive me if I gave less than you. You had lost your zest for life and I had to let you go, but I will always love you and perhaps the passage of time, the old faithful healer, will allow me to think of you as the most precious gift of my life. A gift that I was so blessed to receive.

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  1. Kim says:

    Sorry about Daisy. What a great dog!

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