Shake your boody,change your mind

You know what they say, if you don’t keep it moving, it’s gonna’ get creaky and stiff. True, and that’s why we hear so much about exercise. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t jump, just bend or kick and if all else fails, deep,belly filling breaths will help.

But we have to remember that the body has a mind. I say that a lot, because growing older disgracefully rejects a brain that is so filled with what we  have learned in the past, there’s no room for anything new.

I  hear it all the time and you probably do,too. Oh no. Not you, you don’t say it – or do you? I’ve always done it this way, for at least the past half century (I exaggerate) I don’t see any reason for trying something new.

To a degree, we are all creatures of habit – My dog is a perfect example. Move her sleeping cushion into the sun which she loves, but she won’t use it for a week, if ever, and that, after treats to reward her new acceptance. There’s comfort and security in repeatedly doing what we have always done, but as we age,  we need to stretch our minds to keep the  agility that can be lost, along with that of our bodies.

Many of us are technological dinosaurs – understandably – since we have had so much to learn in the past century. But, we cannot continue to stay in our cocoons of comfort. How scary it must have been to let go of the reins of a horse and let a spurting engine be our means of transport. Some took to a car more comfortably than others, and that may have been related to age and experience.

What I’m trying to say, is that we should not close down against what is new and different. Start simply. If you always shop in one particular market. try a different one. Do it when you have time, so that searching in unfamiliar aisles will not have the added pressure of time constraints. You may find more helpful staff than before – or maybe not, but maybe you’ll find better prices or products. That’s not important. You’ve opened your mind to a new experience. You’ve returned to a pioneer state and survived. You’ve more than survived. You’ve reclaimed a little of that old spunk that brought you up to this point. Like the little engine that could, you still say, I think I can, I think I can, I can. I did!

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