We Have Seen The Glory

It’s one of those days, just one of those days. You know, the kind where doing anything is almost more than you  can bear. Tomorrow I’ll do it, you told yourself the day before, forgetting how fast tomorrows come, and it’s here now and you can bite the bullet. Or not. But you’ve always been a biter, so you hit the glory road.

Only now you see it, now you don’t. My eyes begin their fight with my computer. Am I too enlightened?  So I close the blinds and there’s still lots of white space refusing to accept the gray matter from my brain.  I’m on the third round of drops to take the pressure off. Preservatives, preservative free, although far from free in any other guise. When asked if the tier can be lowered to lower the cost, the insurance company gurus say, “No, no, a thousand times, no.” Well, I exaggerate, it only seems a thousand. Maybe I refer to the number of over the counter tears I put into my eyes to soothe the cornea, or maybe it’s the number of tears I shed in despair for my eyesight.

As we who are growing older disgracefully, have discovered, there must be a focus in our lives, or time forgets to march on, it just crawls along to some extraterrestrial beat. My focus has been my blog. When all else fails, I blog  and life picks up the pace once again. I admit to a bit of self indulgence. There are days when I can hit the computer with some discomfort, but I’m not always sure the discomfort is only in my eyes or perhaps also in the connection to my brain.

We recall the old song about the knee bone and its connection to the hip bone and so on down or up the line. Our discomfort or pain, as we might call it, could be anywhere, and we could decide that we don’t want to add to our grief by forcing ourselves to do something, or anything, for that matter, and so we remove focus from our vocabulary – at least for the moment – and we plant our butts in our favorite chair and space out for a while.

Okay for once in a while, but if you have learned, as have I, that a good conversation with oneself is very helpful and keeps you on the straight and narrow, you’ll say the words that we all need to hear now and then. For me, it’s “get up”, “walk”, “read”, “write your blog”. And a few other words that I prefer to keep to myself.

Get it? Pick your own words and be sure to have that conversation with yourself. What is your focus? Do you enjoy playing cards?  Great, then do it. You had too much to eat and a little nap would be good, but it would interfere with your card game. There’s always manana and manana and no one will miss you, but they will, and it will mess up the game. Go, you lazy sluggard. Good friends and some fun, and you might win. Feel better after, don ‘t you?

Me, too. Did my blog and it was no big deal. Eyes a little foggy? Yes, they are, but brain feels pretty good. I’ve been putting things off. Been having a little pity party for me. You know how that goes, but no one shows up and you might as well have saved the pity.

Forget the eyes. The ayes have it ! The ayes always win – don’t they?  Aye, they do.


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