The great divide

Yes, folks, there is a great divide between you and your offspring, a divide otherwise known as the generation gap.

Did you have any notion, when you were in your fifties, what it was going to be like when you were in your seventies, eighties, or even nineties? Of course not. In the first place, you were never going to get old, at leas not older than your fifties – bad enough – for heaven’s sake. Did you forget to email Poncce de Leon and ask him to bottle up a little water from the fountain of youth? Big oversight, because here you are with a bunch of old grouches and when you complain about your aches and pains, your family empathizes by telling you they know just how you feel – they have lots of pains,too.

But it was thus ever so, from one generation to the next. Impossible to project that you are going to wrinkle like a prune and that your glossy hair is either going to turn gray or hide from you in shame, leaving only a shiny scalp. Who would think that you would no longer have a job- translate pay check- and that you would be dependent on your uncle Sam and some parsimonious congress people?

Well, you should have put some money away, but there were so many amazing things that you had to have, things that were important when you were still somewhat young and vibrant. Who’s going to care about stuff when you’re over the hill? You’re going to care – substitute your “meds” for six inch heels, or having peace of mind when you’re scrambling to keep all the pieces of your mind together.

Yes, folks, there is a great divide, there always was a great divide, and isn’t  it too bad we can’t just take a brief trial run to convince ourselves that all those endless I- told- you- sos are not just boring, they always come too late.

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