The Second Time ‘Round

One web site refers to them as dumpster divas, some folks call them bargain hunters, but what’s in a name, after all? Their mission is the same, regardless of what name they are given, as they search through trash rooms for treasures that can be recycled. They can be found at flea markets – a little pricier than dumpsters – but still a haven for the fiscally impaired or just for people who don’t or won’t spend much of their income on things.

Those of us who are growing older disgracefully, frequently account for large numbers of the above group. It makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. We’re not furnishing our homes from scratch, at this stage. Like the Chinese menu, we have items from column A and/or column B, but we need a few fill-ins from C to make our decor a little more savory. For instance, I needed a computer desk, which I found at a consignment store and two days later, at a thrift shop I call “Boutique Salvation A”, I found a file cabinet with drawer and glass top that could have been a close cousin to my desk – more like sister, in fact, so closely did they match one another – and for a pittance, which is high end speak for dirt cheap.

That type of occurrence is quite rare, because it makes no sense to approach a thrift store or a dumpster with a specific item in mind. Unlike the local discount store there is no back stock. The only advantage you have as either a shopper or a dumpster diva, is your innate ability to view what some might regard as trash, and see how it will meet your needs as a treasure. 

You are at a great disadvantage if you need forever to make up your mind. You can’t think it over and come back, because the chances of what you covet still being there when you return, are on a par of winning the million dollar lottery, if that. Still, what do you have to lose if no coin has changed hands? The worst that can happen is that your trash refused to be morphed into treasure and you have to make a second trip to the dumpster. There are no final transactions in dumpsterville. All items are cheerfully -or not – accepted for return.

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