When Will They Ever Learn?

I have no idea as to how long I’m going to stick around, and even less idea as to how it all will end, but one thing I do know, as long as it’s in my power, I’m going to go out with a smile for all my friends, because I will have no enemies. How is that possible? Easy. They may not like me, they may hate me, but I won’t play their dirty little game. I’m strictly friends forever because it makes life so much simpler.

As a step towards complicating my life, I bought a cute little goldfish and an elegant little tank, which Mr.Goldfish has managed to outgrew in the most obscene way possible, and if I could weigh him, I know that he would tip the scales at a most unacceptable weight (Little pun there). So now, I have the joy of watching him swim endlessly around the tank, but I also have the arduous task of frequent water changes, as well as cleaning the accessories for handling his waste – you get my drift? But I would miss him if he didn’t greet me every morning. He is my friend and there is only affection between us.

The other creature who complicates my life is my dog,Daisy. We’ve been together for nearly 14 years and if she didn’t make me get out of bed every morning at 7 A.M. I would be happy to sleep some more, but whenever that thought crosses my mind, I banish it immediately, ask for forgiveness and jump – well to be honest, jumping is not in my repertoire these days – but somehow I do rise and get ready to feed my little roommate. Only happiness, when we greet each other – I, with words, she, with moist kisses.

Not content with Daisy and Mr.Goldfish, I have a group of plants who expect me to slake their thirst and feed them when appropriate. More complications, but they reward me from time to time. They present me with buds which turn into flowers and how joyful is that! Another source of happiness and how lucky am I.

To be honest, sometimes the water gets a little funny in the tank and Mr.Goldfish stays at the bottom or at the top and I know that all is not right with his world. So it’s a not so quick water change, and a bit of rinsing out until Mr Goldfish is back to his regular activity in the tank. If I’ve given him some discomfort, I’m sorry and he’s his usual self in no time at all.He never seems to hold a grudge. How can I help but love him?

Sometimes Daisy whines and wants more treats than I think she should have, and sometimes I offer a few very firm words and she ambles off to our bed and takes a nap. When I call her name, she always comes running over, ready to lick and kiss, all is forgiven. I love her and I know she loves me. By the way, she never lets me out of her sight. She’s what I mean when I say friends forever.

Sometimes, I’m late with the water, and my green friends turn brown, but with a little coaxing, some TLC and just the right amount of water, I’m usually forgiven and a branch – not olive-tells me we’re friends again.

What is the point of this rant? What I’m trying to say is that animals and fish and nature are most forgiving and do not hold a grudge. They’re not petty and mean, and they seem to know that this is a one way trip. They have been given the gift of life, and they honor the word gift. As do I.

Life was not always peaches and cream, but I am hoarding whatever time is left, and if someone asks, I want to be able to say that my life is good. I want to be content, and so I forgive and forget, and if the people with whom I come in contact can’t do the same, well so be it. I’ve decided to grow older disgracefully and if I have to be the last man (or woman) standing, that’s okay,too.

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