Where Have All The People Gone?

Poignant words from Peter, Paul and Mary, but they were referring to flowers. No less poignant our words, only we refer to people. Where have they all gone, anyway? That question is a biggie and there’s no simple answer, at least not in our book, and I’ll bet your book has the same old pages as mine. In fact, that sentiment was the basis of a discussion that a friend and I had the other night. We decided  that we who are growing older disgracefully have many more similarities than differences, only since we have pretty much stopped listening to one another, we obviously think that we’re unique.

For instance, we’re all lonely at times- different times, varied times – but here it is, a paucity of people, contrasting with those times when we would have sold our souls to be given a moment’s peace and quiet. You know, those, why don’t they ever leave me alone moments. Remember that old saying about being wary of what you ask for etc. etc. etc.. I’m not an I told you so type, but I did tell you so, more times that I can recall.

Anyway, to get back on track, we decided that after a certain age, you get tired more easily, you lose the energy you used to have, something always hurts when you get out of bed in the morning, you always feel alone at some time or another and you forget  things, things that you knew as well as the back of your hand, the  same hand that ached when you got out of bed this morning. But – and this is important – you never talk about your feelings. Just about your pain, like your aching back or knees or neuropathies or whatever.

But what about if something happens and you need help and might become a burden? What about being nervous sometimes  about driving, even though you still have your car? What about worrying about falling because everyone tells you that you could lose your balance, and that taking a tumble could change your life? What about the times when the phone doesn’t ring and you know your family  cares, but they have lives of their own? You have friends and you play cards and you eat lunch, but when you get up at night, where’s the voice that asks if you’re all right?

That’s when we ask where have all the people gone? We all do. We all ask, each and every one of us. We’re not alone, and only we understand what is happening. We’re in a very special club and you can’t join till you’re  standing in our shoes. Hey, let’s speak up. We’re unique, but we’re not alone. Sounds good to me. How about you?



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