Where’s the Equality?

I don’t understand. More and more often I confront people who regard the ability to do something with one’s hands as superior to that which is achieved by brainpower. Regretfully, I use the word superior, when I want to say, different but equal, and yet I cannot, in the face of what I see as wrong headedness, on the part of so many people

Fortunately, this belief is not held across the board by the entire world, but unfortunately, depending on the surrounding community, beliefs may vary. For instance, in the academic community, there is no such thing as too much education or over development of the brain. In fact, the greater the number of degrees, the greater the respect for the individual, and this before inclusion of books authored, or papers written, or speeches given etc.. In further fact, skills other than those acquired by the various degrees, are often prevalent in these same people. Forgive my seeming repetition, but  these same people are most frequently the ones who respect the skills and abilities of people who are competent in any way.

But, to return to my confusion regarding the varying abilities of different people, I must reiterate that I don’t understand. Is someone who has driven a truck across the country all of his or her life, more accomplished than some other one who has studied for many years and learned how to construct the truck, which will be used to cross the country? Is the doer more important than the planner? Do we have to feel someone’s muscle to respect their strength, and do we have to see a brain scan to respect what a person is capable of creating?
I live in a senior complex and I wonder, as a part of those  who are growing older disgracefully, what are the acceptable terms of what is considered important and worthy of respect. A poem is only words on a page, but a wreath can have flowers and ribbons and seem to have taken hours to assemble. Is it not possible that the poet who created the poem also spent hours assembling the words from which that poem is created? Do we have to touch and actually feel a creation in order for it to be validated? Can we only respect that which we fully comprehend and which we might possibly regard as something we could possibly accomplish? In other words, if I don’t play golf, what meaning can the skills of the man who is considered the greatest golfer in the world, have to me?

And so I respectfully ask, where is the equality? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is value in the brain of just one singular creature? No, we all have the ability to see, to appreciate, to respect. Please, let us see in each human being the special  qualities that have been given to all. Let us open our minds and see and see and see. Can you see?








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